• Network
    • Added a Timer to see the amount of player time. (Mostly for staff use)
    • Fixed voting - more links coming soon.
    • User-Friendly Menu's coming soon.
  • Factions
    • Removed Grace Period.
    • 1Fixed Faction Perms.
    • Fixed Friendly Fire.
    • Added Faction Chat.
    • Fixed CoinFlip and Sponges.
    • Big Phase patch coming soon.
  • Towny
    • Fixed some permissions bugs.
    • Adding in envoy's and more events soon.
    • Need staff, apply today!
  • Prison (We are also testing the waters here!)
    • Adding in a better starter pickaxe.
    • Adding in an enchant system to trade experience for enchant levels.
    • Adding in /Pay.
    • Adding in a Monthly Crate.
  • SkyBlock
    • Warps and Kits Menu being redone.
    • Welcome signs being looked at.
    • Tp glitch.
    • Generators not working like they should.
Hey guys and happy Friday! There has been a lot changes so hopefully this post will help clarify!

Here are the changes.

  • Network
    • 45% February Sale! This will go throughout the whole month.
    • New Website and Artwork in place!
    • Cross server messaging is back :)
    • Updated the rules once more. Basically added Toggle Sprint & Toggle Sneak!
    • Global Ban Wipe.
  • Factions (The Balance Update)
    • New Faction plugin (Take some time to learn the new commands).
    • New FTop System.
    • New AutoSell chest plugin to replace sell chest. (Add [AutoSell] above a sign)
    • New Spawn.
    • Balanced GKits.
    • New max enchant level is now 5.
    • Gapple Cooldown/Sickness.
    • Buffed Crates.
    • Buffed Envoys.
    • Added flat bedrock.
    • Decreased the price of bedrock.
    • Bedrock now takes 50 hits of tnt.
    • Updated some shop prices.
    • Added /Sell (hand) to Priest and up.
    • Removed Bounty Hunter and MobHeads.
    • Fixed SandGen Buckets (Increased the speed).
    • Fixed Trench Item Bug (Also, can only be obtained from vote crate to encourage voting).
    • Bosses nerfed and fixed.
    • More fixes and suggestions to come :)
  • Towny (We are testing the waters!)
    • Setup Towny plugin & tutorial room.
    • Setup the spawn w/ all the regions.
    • Added 3 basic crates.
    • 10 Ranks w/ 10 Kits. (Rankup from the first 5 with money)
    • Balanced the shop.
    • Added a very useful Towny GUI.
    • A lot more to come on Map 2. We are all new to Towny so give us all your suggestions!
  • Prison (We are also testing the waters here!)
    • Setup 5 Donor ranks w/ custom mines for each.
    • Added prestige system (Go up to prestige 50! #CallOfDuty)
    • A-Z + Free Rank.
    • Custom Plot world.
    • Backpack and Betting system.
    • A lot more to come on Map 2. We are all new to Towny so give us all your suggestions!
  • SkyBlock
    • Added New rank names.
    • Added 5 new donor rank warps! (Each warp has a custom mine and build)
    • Reset and wiped all data. (Except for ranks and stuff :p)
    • Removed Spawner Upgrades and made spawners more expensive (I know this is annoying but it will remove that lag we had last map).
    • Sell hand added to Elder and up (Also cleaned up some of the other permssions).
    • Fixed menu bugs.
    • Added VIP/MVP!
That's all

That's it for this week! If you have any suggestions please leave them on the forums. Can't wait to see you all in game! ;)