Hello ChaosOP Players! I just wanted to inform you and let you guys know that HCF is releasing Sunday at 12 PST. Please invite your friends as we are trying to hype this up as much as possible! Thanks!
Hello Chaos players! Since we did amazing on this months donation goal, we will be throwing a huge dp on both Factions and SkyBlock! The DP will be hosted first on factions on September 30th, at 12 PM PST! Be there or be square.

  • Network
    • Added 55% Sale (Ended as of now!)
    • Fixed Voting Links
    • Replaced Survival w/ HCF.
  • Factions
    • Factions Pets coming soon! (These will only be purchasable in the rank warps!)
    • Fixed Envoy bug.
    • Fixed Warp PvP Flying bug.
    • Expect big updates coming soon :)
    • Still working on TP Glitching!
    • Lowered the chance of getting McMMO (Finally!)
    • Cleaned up YouTube Wall.
    • Cleaned up Staff Board.
  • SkyBlock
    • Fixed crate bugs.
    • Fixed rankup bugs.
    • Temporarily removed the pvp zone at warp mine. (This is to help players start off!)
    • New spawn and sweet stuff coming soon!
That's all

That is going to be it for this week! Big updates are going to be rolling out in these up coming weeks. If you have any suggestions please leave them on the forums. Can't wait to see you all in game! ;)