Hello Chaos players! I hope you are ready to take in a lot of information, because I'm not.

So over these past two years of owning the server, I have been throwing in a small percentage of the server money into a savings account every month. This month, with Map 5 being the biggest update we have ever done, we decided to go all out for advertising. Now, not advertising in over 3 months, you can expect a ton of new players. I am predicting a solid 50+ players during the weekdays and 100+ on the weekends. It is time we take the server from a small community to the next level. Sure we aren't going to be Hypixel any time soon (or ever), but lets just take things one step at a time! :)

This is a big moment in my MC Career (LOL) and I am glad to have the best community out there. Although we have had our struggles in the past, I just wanted to thank you guys, the OG's, before things get a bit out of hand! Could not have made it where we are today without you guys! I love each and every one of you guys and roasting you in my fire raps. I can't wait to see where this takes us, it will be a crazy next few months.

With everything ramping up, we have went ahead and done a ton for Map 5! We are hyping it up as much as possible and will need you guys to share the server with your friends and get as many people on as possible! Tons has been changed. Ranks, Warps, GUI's, Kits, Shop, everything. There is also a story behind every kit and rank now so you guys can piece it together to get the full ChaosOP story!

The rest of the details will be dropped on Friday with all the changes. Hope you guys are hyped because I know I am! You guys are the best :D



PS: I would like to personally shout out these people:

@Cweepa Thank you for all that you do. If it wasn't for all your behind the scenes work the server would be ass. You know it's true and so do I. Thank you butty <3

@MittyHD You are sooooo good and soooo nice! You not only make me wanna go to church but actually help me and encourage me to make the server better. Thank you for skipping school on release day! xD

@BenTheKoala15 Thanks for being active on the forums! <3

@Revenara Thank you for writing out all the stories and fixing up the grammar. Also thank you for being so supportive and always in a good mood! Need more people like you in this world! And Phoenix ;)

@DiamondPebble Thanks for always sending me encouraging messages. It warms my heart and makes me want to be less of a deadbeat. Love you buddy!

@Blaster1698 Thanks for being a good builder! You're one of the funniest dudes I have ever met! #YEET!

@MizzleShizzle Hey Mizzle, idk if you're even reading this but I just wanted to say thank you! If it wasn't for you, we would not be here. #Didn't play with the army men!
Hello Chaos players! I have official started college. I am currently attending community college and plan on transferring in the next two years. For now I will be based at home and will continue to manage Chaos :) As for the rest of the staff members, they have all started school as well (I'm sure most of you have as well!). What does this mean? Well it means that summer is over and life sucks. Haha just kidding. It means we are most likely going to be deadbeat during similar times. Here are some of the changes!

  • Added /Marry (You can now marry, divorce and even select your gender! TRIGGERED!)
  • Officially began the production on Map 5. More information regarding a release date, f top winners, and changes will be launched next week. (The release date of the F Top tournament will be released soon. Please note that once the tournament is over Map 5 will release shortly after. Followed by the F Top Prizes! Also note that this release date could be in 2 weeks, a month, or even a few months. This doesn't mean we are reset soon, just that we have started on it!)
  • Suggestions for Map 5? (Please leave us as many suggestions as you can! Remember, we are a community and want to listen to you guys.)
  • New Meme added to spawn! (Keep your collar popping!)
  • Updated the rules! Only change was the SS section. You can now screen share on discord and all SSing will be done through there now! (Click here to read the rules)
  • Advertising season is about to begin :D (Expect a massive influx in players on Map 5!)
  • Bug Fixes.
  • 45% Flash Sale!
That's all

That is going to be it for this week! If you have any suggestions please leave them on the forums. Hope you liked this weeks rap! Can't wait to see you all in game! ;)