Hello everyone! Now a lot of you are probably wondering what happened to the staff team again, well here we go.

I know some of you are thinking that I am the bad guy and keep cutting all these staff members; however, there is reasoning behind all of this. This time around, I had a big decision to make. Ben offered RevVs more money and a bigger cut if he would switch and work with him. RevVs then msged me and said quote for quote if I didn't "pay [him] more he would..."

Feeling threatened, I found it smart to just remove him for he has a better place and better deal elsewhere. Also the lack of dedication he had for chaos was a turn off for me(lol). As for the rest of the staff team, they were all RevVs friends. I don't think it would be smart to cut RevVs when all of his mates are still in control. (For example, one of his friends removed everything off the website ;))

In essence, believe who ever you would like. They will claim things that aren't true. I am open to talk more about it if you guys would like and even provide screenshots of conversations that we had. I know most of you trust me and know I try my best. After all, I have had the server up and running for 2 years now. Thank you guys for always being there for me, I love you all!

Back to the server stuff!

  • 6 new GKitz added to the store!
  • New GlassRun event, more events coming soon!
  • New tags.
  • Ban wipe, everyone has a second chance!
  • New rules, they will be released very soon.
  • CustomEnchantment balances.
  • Max enchant lore is now 7. (This is likley to change)
  • Transmog Shard added to the CE menu.
  • GUI's will be updated soon.
  • MonthyCrates will be added this weekend!
  • CustomBosses should also be fixed this weekend.
  • New staff, looking for more.
  • Tons of new quests coming soon!
  • Lag & bug fixes!
That's all

That is going to be it for this week. If you have any suggestions please leave them on the forums. Sorry for all the confusion and troubles, the server will only get better as we go! ;)

Thank you guys for everything,

NinjaToytle <3