All servers dropping Friday @9:00 AM PST. F Top prizes are still on for map 7 so get grinding! The top 3 spots will lock an hour before (8:00 AM PST). You have over 24 hours left!
Hello everyone!

So today we purchased another slot on a big website. Last time we did this we had 70 players on the weekends and reach over 100 players on factions. This time around, we have more servers and are all-in-all more prepared. We have learned a lot from the last time and I think this time the outcome will be better. So this being said, we have decided to release map 8 on the 15th of this month (in 4 days). This is when our slot is going public and will give us time to prepare. Also, Skyblock (Map 3), Prison (Map 1), and Towny (Map 1) will all be released. We cannot wait on our end and will be busy at work for the next few day. We hope you have a good rest of your week and good luck on the f top prizes!


NinjaToytle & the Staff Team.