Hello ChaosOP Players! It’s Me MittyHD, Today I want to announce we are going to have a raid event like how we did last map. Basically I’m gonna spawn in a base and you the players are going to Cannon into the base or get in somehow and collect the prize inside! We are going to do more evens often now for you all!
The raid event will be on 2/2/18 ( February 2, 2018) 4:15 pm pst time, Hope to see many of you guys there! Build your best cannon! #NoMoreDeadBeatMitty
Hey guys, hope you all had a Happy New Year! So we have listened to the community as we do and have made some big changes. Here is what you can see/expect.

  • Network
  • Whole new permissions system.
  • New team of staff is being appointed within these next few days.
  • PunishmentGUI and new staff plugin coming soon.
  • New payment system dropping soon.
  • New Hub.
  • Mass Unban on Discord.
  • Factions
  • Anti X-Ray.
  • Reduced armor and weapon enchantments to enable more custom enchantments.
  • Flat End (Adds 4 more corners ;))
  • New Spawn, Warzone, and PvP Arena.
  • Buffed Envoys.
  • Fixed VIP/MVP.
  • Power is now 15 instead of 10. Max remains 50.
  • Shop prices were tweaked a little.
  • Fixed Enderpearl Glitching finally!
  • SkyBlock
  • Right now we are heavily looking into the lag issues of the server. Once the lag is fixed it will be re-open.
  • VIP/MVP coming very soon.
  • 5 donor rank warps are almost finished.
  • Prison
  • Towny
  • Development will start a month after prison releases.
That's all

That's it for this week! If you have any suggestions please leave them on the forums. Can't wait to see you all in game! ;)