Hello ChaosOp Players! The time has come....Me, MittyHD and Ninjatoytle will be doing a Q&A because we know the community has sooo many questions. Now it’s your chance! Please give us questions in the comments of this post. Either Friday or Saturday I should have a video up on My Channel or Ninjas, and we should have answers your questions. Also thanks for the understanding of me and the staff teams struggles with school and not being on much cause of it. Okay that’s all I had to say! Peace!
Hello peeps! Hope everyone has been doing well and been having fun. I think it is fair to say that our staff team has been a bit more inactive than usual this week and the last. We apologize about this but have some important news!

  • Network
    • 30% Turkey Sale! On Thanksgiving week this will go up!
    • Getting all new images & website design. (Still waiting on these! Once these are done we are going to start mass advertising!)
    • We are working on revamping our chat system. We plan on adding to our filters that way specific words don't get slipped through. Also this could mean cross server private messaging :)
    • New AntiCheat is coming this week. We will be going through another test phase so bare with us!
  • Factions
    • Put old crate prices back. (lol)
    • Removed McMMO from monthly crates! (Finally! We plan on eventually removing most of the mcmmo rewards as requested.)
    • Fixed the tags menu. (MVP and VIP were glitched in each other, resulting in it not being clickable.)
    • Fixed a fly zone west of spawn.
    • Trading plugin will be added in sometime this week.
    • Permissions were missing for new bounty plugin and withdraw plugin.
    • Added more commands to the combat tag list. If you find anymore please let us know!
  • Towny
    • Started on the development of the server. (PS: this is a sneak peak of the snow spawn :p)
  • Prison
    • Started on the development of the server. (More info will also be launched soon!)
  • SkyBlock (Map 2)
    • Map 2 is underway! Releasing Friday.
    • Shop prices have been completely redone.
    • Tons of plugin updates.
    • Fixes and new features will be announced on launch, stay tuned and leave us any suggestions now :D
That's all

That's it for this week! If you have any suggestions please leave them on the forums. We are going to be advertising a lot soon so be ready. Can't wait to see you all in game! ;) Diamond is soooo bad