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  1. Brian L Greenawalt

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    Jul 25, 2018
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    First name:Brian
    Age:13 and a haf
    Country north amrica
    Current minecraft username:WzKasias
    Previous minecraft usernames:Soulmades
    How long have you been playing on ChaosOP?:well over 3 years and i playd befor the split of ben abd ninja atless 3 or more maps befor the ben and over 3 with ninja
    What gamemode are you most active on?Factions
    Why do you want to be staff? well iv seen a lot of stuff in my days :) i wana help get more peeple and really just want to help out the server
    How can you help improve ChaosOP? ummmmm i can get more players online and on i do not know
    What other servers do you play other than ChaosOP? saico pvprush consprisycraft over 4 maps on that

    Are you currently staff on another server besides ChaosOP? none
    If you were in a situation that you didn't know how to handle what would you do? well ummm i woud try my best to pach or fix and ef thay wont work then i woud dm a nother staff in discord for help
    How much time can you dedicate to being a staff member? a long long time ef not allday atless 5 hours a day coz irl and stuff
    Tell us a little about your self i like rideing bike going out on walks playing games hang with friends i like trucks guns peeple crack xD bowling playingbasket ball going on advenchers eating bannas playing minecraft hanging out with my fam and playing cards
  2. Pitituyo

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    Jul 8, 2018
    Your application need more information. You need atleast 300 words to qualify.
    Good luck
  3. iTwitchTV

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    Jul 8, 2018
    Application Denied

    Application did not reach 300+ words you may reapply in 24 hours


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