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Un ban me?

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    Feb 21, 2018
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    My labtop hard drive crashed wich I play on all the time laat week thursday. Because of that I am playing on the home computer that everyone has access to. My cousin months ago downloaded an stay texture pack that shows ores for single player. Trix for no reason wanted splitting to ss with me ofc I accept because i had no clue that texture pack was on there along with some ghost client thing? Idk I know basicually nothing about hack clients or how to download them but I've played on that computer for 3 days not knowing that was their. I deleted those and told my cousin off. If u think this is fair unban me if u think i should still be banned dont un ban me. Oh trix also said 3 people told him i hack but he refuses to say names or send picures of people saying that and ik hes hated me for maps

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