Change Log 2.0

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    • Network
      • Added a Timer to see the amount of player time. (Mostly for staff use)
      • Fixed voting - more links coming soon.
      • User-Friendly Menu's coming soon.
    • Factions
      • Removed Grace Period.
      • 1Fixed Faction Perms.
      • Fixed Friendly Fire.
      • Added Faction Chat.
      • Fixed CoinFlip and Sponges.
      • Big Phase patch coming soon.
    • Towny
      • Fixed some permissions bugs.
      • Adding in envoy's and more events soon.
      • Need staff, apply today!
    • Prison (We are also testing the waters here!)
      • Adding in a better starter pickaxe.
      • Adding in an enchant system to trade experience for enchant levels.
      • Adding in /Pay.
      • Adding in a Monthly Crate.
    • SkyBlock
      • Warps and Kits Menu being redone.
      • Welcome signs being looked at.
      • Tp glitch.
      • Generators not working like they should.
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