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Helper Application from 123GamingYT

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Application System, Jan 1, 2018.

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    Nov 3, 2017
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    Basic Information

    In-Game Username 123GamingYT

    Subscribers 373

    Channel Link

    Quick Information

    Which server are you applying for? Factions

    How many videos per week are you able to publish on the selected server? 2

    Have you ever been banned or punished on our servers before? No

    Other Information

    Are you looking to get paid? If yes, how much? idk witch paid by you guys or yt. for yt I might put ads later on. if you guys were paying i would ask for like money on you buy craft for giveaways.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know. My voice sounds like a baby on mic idk why but I'm a lot older lol. I really like your factions very much.
  2. NinjaToytle

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    Jan 23, 2017
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    Application accepted, sorry for the late reply. Please upload a video and post the video URL in the "media" thread by clicking here.

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