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    Official ChaosOP SS Guide
    Here at ChaosOP we practice the following guide whenever a player in-game is frozen and claimed to be a hacker. The term "SS" stands for screen share and will be done only through the use of Discord. Discord is a free to use application and you will not be required to download anything during the SS. You can connect to our Discord server by visiting discord.me/ChaosOP.

    Step 1 (Getting Setup)
    The player is to connect to the Waiting Room in our discord server. Once connected they are to wait patiently for the staff member to send them a friend request. After both parties have added one another, the staff member will start a call with the player.

    Step 2 (In-game Screening)
    The staff member will tell the player getting SSed to show their screen and will be given a list of items to check for. These items are:​
    • Pressing common hotkeys:
      • F3
      • Right Shift
      • Insert
      • Right & Left CTRL
      • Any other suspicious key binds
    * Check Options > Controls as a last resort.​
    • Check for resource packs:
      • Look for an X-Ray pack
      • Test each pack for best results
    • Scan through the options
      • Look for suspicious labels such as macros or hotkeys.
      • Anything that default Minecraft wouldn't usually have.
    Step 3 (Launch Options)
    Now that you're done with the in-game screening you may close out of the game. After closing, immediately open the Minecraft launcher and navigate to "Launch Options" on the top tab. Scan for any blacklisted modifications or clients. If a launch options seems fishy, proceed to launch that version and screen again.​

    Step 4 (.minecraft)
    If nothing is found in step 3, proceed to do the following. Open any version of the game and navigate to Options > Resource Packs > Open resource pack folder. A file explorer will then pop-up and the list of packs will be shown. Now, navigate back one directory by clicking on .minecraft on the top bar. You should see a list of folders (logs, resource packs, save, versions, etc).​


    Now that you have found the .minecraft directory, go through and check the following folders for anything suspicions. Please note that these folders may not be in this directory:
    • Versions folder
    • Mods folder
    • Saves folder
    • Any other wary folders
    Step 5 (Logins)
    A lot of the undetected hacks that would make it this far are usually paid injectors or a private hack. Here are the links to the top ghost clients. Have the user double click on the login username/password to see if they have any information saved from past logins.
    Step 6 (Ending)
    If the player has made it this far and the staff member hasn't found anything the player is free to hang up and end the call.

    Doing the following will cause your punishment to double:
    • You're not to log out while frozen.​
    • Take more than 5 minutes to connect to discord.​
    • Leave the call before the Staff member ends the SS.​
    • Being unproductive and wasting time.​
    * If you're being SS'ed and ANY type of hack or blacklisted modification is found, you will be punished. This guide is subject to change at anytime, you are responsible for keeping up to date with it.​
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